By Weiss Yitzchak (Author)

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It seems that everything has already been written and published about Theodor Herzl, and even so, the misunderstanding and even the distortion clouding his image are the clearest symptoms of the identity crisis that afflicts Israeli society today. A hundred years and more have passed since the death of the state contract, and it is appropriate to remove from his face the various masks that have distorted his portrait to this day and restore to them both the Jewish dimension and the universal dimension. Dr. Yitzhak Weiss's book, the fruit of eight years of research, sets this goal for itself. This is not another biography of Herzl, but a sharp criticism of what has been written in the past and an invitation to a new reading. Indeed, another Herzl emerges from the pages of the book, and he is the justification for the addition which appears in the title of the book - a new, innovative and even daring reading. "Dr. Weiss sheds light on a certain facet of Herzl's Gothic and Zionist texture that has never been explored before." Moshe Sharaf (The Central Zionist Archive) "The passion and knowledge that Yitzhak Weiss invested in his book encourage a renewed look at Herzl's character and work and a renewed appreciation of the Zionist enterprise." Prof. Yehoshua Silvio Yeshua (Tel Aviv University) "A work of a very high standard, constitutes an important contribution to the knowledge of Herzl's character." Dr. Emanuel Hashim (Tel Aviv University) "A fascinating, important, original and well-written journey." Yossi Achimair (Institut Jabotinsky) "The book is an important and essential clarification of Jewish and human history." Dr. Yochanan Menor "Reading the book aroused wonder and excitement in me." Poet Haim Gori "The reading is fascinating... there is no doubt that the findings of this book will make waves and change the public discourse on the subject." Journalist Edna Klaper Yitzhak Weiss was born in Paris and immigrated to Israel with his family in 1972. He lives in Jerusalem, practices endodontics and lectures in this field. At the same time, he devotes time to studying Judaism and playing the piano. More details

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