By Grossman David (Author)

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Samson is the turbulent, colorful and fascinating among the heroes of the Bible. His story is full of activity and drama, narrative fireworks and extreme emotions, with three hundred foxes tied tail to tail and burning, a lion cleaved with his own hands, unfaithful women, a spectacular suicide. Yet Samson is A lonely, tortured, fragile and vulnerable man, enslaved to the task assigned to him by God, but manages to get involved time and time again in private fights with Philistines, while he is only attracted to Philistines. His surprising physical strength and gigantic dimensions are his curse. His instincts tear him apart, and in contrast he has an urge to express himself personal, and a determination to keep his secret to himself together with a desperate need for one soul to whom he can reveal himself. Such is Grossman's Samson, a character whose story is the character story of a man struggling with his destiny. Grossman does not write a novella detached from the Bible, nor does he follow the path of playwrights and writers who filled the spaces in the story with plots and abuses according to their imaginations and treated the Bible as if it were plastering and exaggerating some truth (such as, that Samson's mother cheated on his father with a lover, or that Delilah is a tormented woman). Indeed, his Samson is in many aspects Samson in a new way, but it stems from The fact that Grossman sticks to the verses of the Bible, verse by verse, and wonders about them, opens up the possibilities Yhem, gives them the most attention and guesses what is implied by them for his feelings, without sailing away from them. His stance against the biblical text is: let's try to simulate... one can add and wonder... how can one understand? one can assume... and another thought arises... and his solutions are only within the scope of "perhaps", "it is also possible as a simulation", and "Possibly." And in this way Grossman's eye-opening book arrives at an unexpected sketch of Samson as a man with the style and inclination of an artist, who until the end of his life continues to be a kind of foreign child, secretly gentle.

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