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are you good people And maybe you are better than the best? And maybe (just maybe), if you try a little less to be "good" according to the accepted standards, you will find that you are better to yourself and to the people around you? In his book How to Be Bad, Dr. Yair Ben David examines some of the principles that guide us in making our moral decisions, and answers questions such as: ? How can pleasing and niceness destroy relationships? ? What is the difference between "I am real" and "I am false", and how do you balance them? ? What is the difference between justice and righteousness and between morality and morality? ? What are the positive sides of bad habits? ? How relative is our morality? ? What are the advantages of "moral skepticism"? ? How do social networks make us less moral? ? And how do commercial and political factors affect our moral focus? A critical look at our moral patterns and social norms - and when we should think twice about sticking to them. Dr. Yair Ben David is a researcher and lecturer in the field of the psychology of morality, the owner of the popular blog "Mida Tova" in "Haaretz" and the host of the podcast "Talking About Morality". His first book, How to Be Good - A Short Guide to the Philosophy of Morality, was also published by Kinneret and won many praises. "How to be good is a relevant book, fluid and flowing, free of hassles and self-righteousness in an almost suspicious way." Sharon Kantor, Yedioth Ahronoth."

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