By Daliot Michal and Shaffer-Brush Afra (Author)

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Michal Daliot invites children and parents to learn about her educational solutions through insightful stories. Kesem Kbar doesn't want a hijab, she wants to be a big girl, and father and mother happily rush to buy her a nice dress and panties - exactly as she asked. But the path to the services is paved with pitfalls, and even when the parents think that they can help the magic if they just mention and ask, "Is there a pee?" Kesem continues to pee wherever she feels like it. What do you do so that the weaning process is easy and quick, and how do you overcome the tendency to rush and allow the children to experiment and choose the time available? Michal Daliot is a family counselor, the instructor of the Superneni program, the director of the Michal Daliot Center and the author of the books "There are no bad children" and "Parents, what's wrong?" Ofra Shaffer-Brush is a parent's guide and interprets children's drawings, a writer, editor and translator.

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