By Rabbi Manis Friedman and Dr. Elad Ben Elul (Author)

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Did we ask to come into the world? And if we didn't ask, why are we here? This is the most important question that every person should ask today. The answer to it will change our lives forever. I didn't ask to come into the world is a revolutionary collection of essays by Rabbi Manis Friedman, the most viewed rabbi on YouTube and a messenger of the Rabbi of Lubbitch. How do you stop being hurt by other people? What happens to the soul after death? Why do teenagers suffer from depression? Why does love destroy our relationship? And why did God create the world? - These are only a small part of the questions that this book answers, while calling to renounce any fixed thought and search for the true purpose of life. In clear and contemporary language, with a lot of humor and groundbreaking insights, I didn't ask to come to the world making the wisdom of Hasidism accessible to us and igniting the enthusiasm and curiosity among religious, traditional and secular alike. The book, written by Dr. Elad Ben Elul, is based on Rabbi Friedman's lectures, and may prove to be the turning point for each and every one of us. Rabbi Manis Friedman is an internationally renowned lecturer and author, a consultant on education and relationship issues, a philosopher and thinker. In his witty and delightful lectures between timeless Jewish wisdom and unconventional and inspiring thinking. Dr. Elad Ben Elol is an anthropologist, a lecturer at Tel Aviv University, a Hasidic teacher and a devoted student of Rabbi Friedman.

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