By Pico Judy (Author)

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Sometimes all we need is one moment to ourselves what do we really know about ourselves when we go about our day to day, according to the events? Diana was sure he knew everything. More than that, she felt that everything was working exactly according to plan for her. At the age of 29, she had a successful career, great love and tickets to an exotic island vacation. This won't be just any vacation, she's about to get a marriage proposal. how does she know She found the ring by accident. But reality has a different plan, and Diana's world is turned upside down. It turns out that the spouse will not be able to go on vacation. He is needed at the hospital. The marriage proposal will not come to fruition, and the money spent on the dream vacation cannot be returned. Diana is disappointed, but not for long. "Go and enjoy yourself," the loving partner tells her. "At least one of us will be there." And Diana is driving. Not wholeheartedly, but traveling. The beginning is bad. The suitcase disappears, the hotel is shut down, the motel on the island is closed. But these events allow Diana to slow down for a moment, look at her life and understand things that she had no chance of understanding in any other way. And then she also has to make decisions. I wish you were here is a sincere and moving novel about rediscovering ourselves. He requires courage from his heroine, but also from the readers who look again at their lives and wonder - are we walking on the right path? Judy Pico is one of the most successful authors in the world. Her books have sold tens of millions of copies. I Wish You Were Here jumped, immediately upon its publication, to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

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