By Zaks Yonatan Rabbi (Author)

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Description: What is Judaism? religion? faith? Lifestyle? A belief system? A mitzvah collection? culture? Civilization? Judaism is all of these, but it is also beyond them. far beyond It is a way of thinking, a network of ideas: a way of understanding the world and our place in it. Judaism contains life-changing ideas. Few people think of religious belief in these terms. We know that in the Torah 13 Mitzvot, 613. We know that Judaism has beliefs. Maimonides formulated the thirteen main points of the Jewish faith. But these are not the whole essence of Judaism, nor are they the essence of its uniqueness. Apparently, the ideas that Judaism brought to the world became part of the common spiritual heritage of humanity, or at least of the West. But this is not the case. Some of them have been lost through the ages; Others, the West never understood their fate. But these ideas remain as important as ever, and perhaps even more than ever. From reviews of the parshayot of the week, in a wide-ranging and heart-warming format beloved by his many readers, Rabbi Yonatan Zaks draws enlightening insights for our lives in this inspiring book: an idea from each parsha. If we manage to change our way of thinking, he writes, we can set in motion a chain of change: as a result, the way we feel will change, and as a result, the way we behave, and thus we will be different people. Ideas change lives, and great ideas lead us to courage, happiness and a blessed life. Rabbi Lord Yonatan Zaks zt'l (1948-2020), the former Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, was recognized throughout the world thanks to his dozens of books and articles, which gave him the status of a thinker and spiritual leader who voices the voice of Judaism in the discourse the world

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