By Aspiril Shay (Author)

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Victor, a conflicted lawyer who was orphaned by his father at a young age, specializes in ugly conflicts between wealthy spouses. His achievements at court allowed him to distance himself from his childhood neighborhood and the difficult memories associated with it, but made him a cynic. His wife Hagar, an investigative journalist by profession, already doubts the standards that guided her in her investigations and in her life, and in fact abandons them when she falls in love with a married man. How will her husband react when he finds out? - If it all came down to this, his story would not have been different from hundreds of others that were the subject of treason. Here, at the same time, I lived the life of an Ariri pharmacist whose family roots are unknown to him. When he moves from the pharmacy business to renting holiday apartments to tourists, he is not interested in the financial gain but his tenants, whom he watches secretly using hidden cameras. Since the two plot lines cross each other, they will no longer be able to continue on their tracks as before. With great skill Shay Aspiril leads his characters almost simultaneously to the point of meeting and the vortex that will fundamentally change their lives. Aspiril's previous book The Judge was widely praised.

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