By Avner Shur and Aviram Halevi (Author)

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Haka - Yitzhak Khofi, from the Palmach headed by Mossad Avner Shur and Aviram Halevi The biography of Yitzhak Khofi - "Hakka" by all accounts - is woven into the history of the country. Born in the country, a member of the youth movement and then the Palmach; a fighter and commander in the War of Independence; And an officer who had a brilliant career in the IDF, at the height of which, as commander of the Northern Command, he was responsible for the upheaval in the sector during the Yom Kippur War - from the fear that the Golan Heights would fall to the rush to Damascus. Upon his release, he was appointed head of the Mossad, and at the end of a stormy eight-year term, he "returned" a completely different organization. The Mossad During his time he grew and grew, adopted new work methods, established a research department, expanded his field of activity and participated in a series of dramatic events - from the Entebbe operation, through the establishment of peace with Egypt to the bombing of the reactor in Iraq. "He was a bold commander who pursued creative and unconventional actions," he says On him is the former head of the Mossad, Ephraim Halevi. And imitated? He preferred all these years to stay away from the spotlight. His leadership was based on quiet charisma. He often contented himself with shaking his head, or with only one word - "OK". Now is the time to tell his story. Avner Shor is the author of the bestseller "The Itamar Team", winner of the Yitzhak Sade Award for military literature, and of "Beyond Borders". Avner and Aviram Halevi co-wrote the bestseller "Mittal Defense Patrol: The Great Operations of the Unit" and "The Fire and Silence: The Story of Yohai Ben -Non".

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