By Nitzan Gabi (Author)

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...When the king of Adulina told me that he and the queen intended to make an official visit to Israel, I knew it was time to close the basta in India and come with him on the standard of the accompanying journalist. A few years ago I had a journalistic career, which ended due to a lack of mutual excitement. But this? A real king is visiting Israel, and I'm the only one who knows? Turkey or no turkey, I know which side of the chapatti is buttered. This is how Gabi Nitzan's joint journey with the royal couple begins. Badulina is a tiny kingdom in Europe. 16,204 residents (as of last Friday), which runs without laws, without politics, without marriages and without wars. Every resident of Badulina can be the next king, and everyone is brought up on the knees of the belief that there are only two ways to live in the world: as a king or as a victim. Nitzan accompanied the couple in Israel for three months, and also reported on them in "Maariv". But soon the joint journey loses any semblance of objective journalism: Nitzan falls in love with the queen and surrenders to the charms of the king, who tells him a few things about hunting dragons, about addiction to war and death, about love without possessiveness, about eating with your hands and Badulina's national motto - "Good To be healthy and happy than sick and unhappy." Which almost guarantees that this story won't end in tears.

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