By Achimair Ora (Author)

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The author, a curious woman in her eighth decade, sets out to discover a family story in beautiful Vienna, about the glory of its artists and intellectuals - the Vienna of Herzl, Mahler, Klimt and Stefan Zweig. It focuses on two attractive women, who are full of life: Berta Zuckerkandel, who turned the home living room into a revolutionary center of culture and was a central figure in Viennese modernism, and even steered political moves towards the end of World War I, and her unknown sister-in-law Amelia, who won eternal life thanks to a portrait painted by one of the great painters of Vienna Gustav Klimt. Step by step and with determination she unravels the histories of Berta and Amelia, which are intertwined with historical events from the days of the Viennese Golden Age to World War II. In this way, she revives glamorous days that hide heartaches, a longing for sexuality and fear of it, and a desire to go beyond the shackles that women like them were handcuffed to. It also describes the love of Vienna's Jews for their city and their enormous contribution to its culture and flourishing, with the repressed knowledge that there will always be suspects and foreigners in it. Thus until the cruel and decisive end, with the annexation of Austria to Hitler's Germany. Imagination and research swirl in a mesmerizing story that also reveals the woman who writes. Ora Achimair, author of the bestseller Kale and Arratim, completes in this book a trilogy on the various faces of women's suffering during the days of riots, war, genocide and the Holocaust. "I did my best [...], but your image and your life swept me away and it no longer matters if there is a faint blood relation between us. It is your great illusion story that made writing about you inevitable. I wanted to write about the blindness, about all the warning signs and about the betrayal of the homeland And I can't stop

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