By Frost Marcel (Author)

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Over 70 years late, Proust's colossal work - the most important novel of French literature in the 20th century, and one of the few peaks of modern prose - is finally beginning to see the light of day in Hebrew. This work is both an open and a closed work of life, on the one hand its end is pre-planned, and on the other hand it is doomed to never be finished. And therefore - despite its tight totality, it can also be read part by part (as its first French readers read it, over 14 years). Frost's work - doubtless autobiography, doubtless an all-embracing novel-apprenticeship, flowing from the longing for what was lost to the "returned time" - is a work that cannot be summed up. It can be said that the whole is nothing more than an incredible expansion of only one sentence: the narrator becomes a writer. The end point is also the beginning: the one who wanted to be a writer but failed in his attempts, feels that he has the power to begin his life's work: the materials from which his life has been built so far are the materials from which his work will be built. The first volume - 'On the Swan's Side' - was printed in France (at the author's expense!) in 1913 - included three insects: A: "Combra"; B: "Swan's Love"; C: "The names of the lands: Hashem". The first book of the Hebrew publisher brings "Combra". The second book will bring parts B and C. "Combra" is therefore the starting point for a great and unforgettable journey, a journey to the time of the psychic experience, a journey through Frost's life's work, which is a single work weighed against all the writings of another writer. Everything that Frost wrote before 'In the wake of lost time' is only a preparation for the one work to come, which will become the essence of his life and which will only come to an end in his death.

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