By Frost Marcel (Author)

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Frost's monumental journey 'in pursuit of the lost time' now continues in Hebrew in the fresh and energetic translation of Helit Yeshuron. In this book appear, for the first time in Hebrew, "One Love of Swan" and "Names of Places: Hashem". "Swan's One Love" introduces Swan 15 years before his appearance in Coombra (in the previous book), and explains his love madness. This is an unusual part of the whole, because the affair of Swan's infatuation with Odette - is she the lady in pink from 'Combra' - takes place before the birth of Frost, yet it is told by him as a "normal" novel, "in the third person", whose narrator "every- Knows". Therefore, this part can also be read on its own, as a brilliant and cruel love novel, in which Swann is touching, but also a comic character. Odette, the "dubious" woman, is almost completely absent throughout this novel, not necessarily because of her travels from Paris or because of her evasions from Swann. Her flesh (or cardboard) figure, even when she is present, is lost in the torturous shock that nestles in Swann, which empowers Odette in a different way, "as if someone suddenly showed us one of our illnesses hanging outside of us and we would not discover a similarity between it and what hurts us". In "Place Names" the child Frost falls in love with Gilbert, daughter of Swan and Odette, in a story parallel to Swan's story. The framework for the story is all those places whose essence in consciousness is determined subject to its early activity in the light of the sounds of their names, and also according to what happens in them at random. The passing time is embodied through the changes in women's fashion, and the meeting with the Boulogne forest, years later, cannot be freed from the "true" essence of the forest, which was so randomly determined in the past and is absent in the present, but exists in memory.

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