By Reicher Edward (Author)

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Dr. Edward Reicher and his gentle wife Paula watching Airi from their villa window near Lodge. They see how the German planes attack and how the bombing fire illuminates the morning of September 1, 1939. That day the couple's anguish mask and their three-year-old daughter begins. A small Jewish family in occupied Poland. In a clean and fascinating language, Dr. Reicher, a well -known dermatologist in Poland, the war and the burden he carried as a Jew and as a doctor who trusts the rescue of others, Jews and non -Jews, innocent and war criminals. Being a renowned doctor and a familiar man in his city brings him up with key figures like Rumkowski - 'The Jewish King' and the Head of Judenrat in the Ludig ghetto, with doctors like him who referred their backs at danger, and with senior Nazi officials who use it as they see their eyes. Because of Rumkowski, abuser in Richler personally and asks for his death, the family is forced to escape from Lodge. This is how they find themselves in the Warsaw ghetto. While desperate attempts to evade the deportation of the Germans, Dr. Reicher tries to save others' life and also have to take care of Nazi senior executives such as Harman Pepta, from Operation Reinhard architects who led to the murder of about two million Jews. In this book, the upheavals of the days and years pass in front of our eyes in a calidoscope wheel that produces horror images and impossible decisions that have no breathtaking space. This is a first source of war on a war in which human actions are revealed in their full cruelty, but also the nobility of a few who chose to act differently in order to save lives, with full awareness of torture and death expected. They did so because they saw their duties as human beings, including Princess and Warruniczka, the prostitute and the scrambled soul ... People who just didn't know another possibility. How did they survive? This is the question that everyone who wasn't there, asking every time. How to stay alive against all odds? How to maintain the human being in human situations? In this book, the answer of a person he did. Today's bright light is based on a diary written during World War II by Dr. Edward Reicher. The original diary was lost during the Warsaw ghetto in 1944 and restored by Reich after the war. The book was first published in Poland in 1989, then French and English and for the first time, even in Hebrew.

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