By Glebfish Ronnie (Author)

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I don't have to do anything. Really nothing. My man presents me to his friends, and without doing anything, I'm the perfect show. He savors about watching me, as is the other viewers, who are all men. Everyone will use me, without having to do anything. Anita, 44 sometimes I'm so horny that it's hard for me to believe I'm a woman at all. I didn't tell me I should be. I am supposed to be a gentle figure, all grace and sublime, delicate and soft beauty, like a windbag or reflection of light on the smooth days of the lake. Moon daughter, 22.5 I love his daring. The audacity. Even if we did not meet for two months, he would enter my apartment, and while I would make coffee he would come behind me and put a hand in my pants. That way, without preparation. He will taste me, smile in himself and move on to coffee as if nothing happened just. Neta, 55 I close your eyes and spread my feet. I feel the air on this place, for the first time. And she, standing in front of me and looking. Her face is full of wonder, as if she sees something holy, rare. And because it's beautiful, the name, she starts singing. Tom, 32, is a collection of voices of Israeli women who tell themselves and their sexual fantasies. Honestly a heartfelt, longing, humor, an endless beauty. Along the way, they reveal how much female sexuality is still tune and silent, how little we know about ourselves and each other. And they dare to break the silence, and talk about everything. Summer is a journey to a world of free and wild sexual imagination. The reader - and the reader - is invited to join, and dive into a passion and pleasure that is right here, within our content. Ronnie Galbfish is a writer, editor and artist. The book notebook a small, dirty story (Kinneret 2010), Shadows Lake (Gold Fish 2015), Writing Workshop (Modan 2020) and Nori's tunnel (Modan 2022).

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