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In the heart / Korov Ze'ev Hanukkah 569, December 2008. IDF forces enter Gaza as part of Operation "Cast Lead". Only one day after his wedding, the paratrooper officer Aharon Krov joins the battle, and leads his soldiers in the defense of the southern settlements. A few days later, his father Zeev Kriv receives the hard news: "Your son is mortally wounded, come to the hospital immediately." Aharon was defined as the most severely wounded in the operation, the doctors were convinced that his hours were numbered. But he insisted on being a "medical miracle": with faith and hope, with joy and heroism, he fought for his recovery and even got to bring a new life into the world. Aharon and his family won the hearts of the people of Israel, and were one of the moving symbols of the operation. In the heart of Panima is the personal story of an officer who goes out of his cover to fight for his people, refuses to see anything but the glass half full and lives powerfully the slogan "one for all". It is also the moving story of a people - who in moments of kindness demonstrate rare solidarity and know how to mobilize as one man and offer their love and help without expecting anything in return. It is also a description of the experiences of a close Zeev, rabbi and head of the Yeshiva of Samaria, a well-known figure in the religious-nationalist public, who since that operation has won another respectable title: Aharon's father. His sincere and moving words - which stem from a worldview and values ??that have not yet passed from the world (as it turns out) - turn the private miracle of the Krov family into the national miracle of all of us. In Levev Panima, the book of Zeev Krov, is a story of heroism that illuminates the beautiful face of the people of Israel; This is the story of a hope that has not yet been lost: an eternal hope, two thousand years old, that pulsates to this day, in good times and in difficult times, among people and people.

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