By J. L. tooth. (Author)

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Amazon's bestseller writer, L. Jay. Shen, brings us a cross -star affair, on loss, love and familiarity with one, when you are too young to understand how to keep it. .... Sometimes you meet people who are not from this world, so you make them part of your world. One night's stew in a foreign country, created from revenge. Crazy chemistry that no one could deny. On the back of the Boars D, we signed a contract, that if we ever return and meet, we will leave everything and be together. Eight years and thousands of miles later, he is here. In New York. And he is America's musical obsession. The elusive Irish poet, who drops record companies on their lap. The storm on my snowy glass ball The last time we spoke, he was a beggar, without any intention to become a king. But he became a king, and now I'm his maid. I am not the same broken princess from Malachi Dohri, he paid her fragments with his rough hands. I have a career I love. A friend I die on. Apartment, partner, life. I changed. Mal has also changed. But Mal kept the napkin. The question is, will I keep my promise? To'. Jay. Shen, the USA TAMA's bestseller writer, writes contemporary novels, lives in southern California with her husband, her son, and a plump and lazy cat. She enjoys the simple things of life, like spending time with family and friends, reading a good book with a glass of wine (she reads an average of 4 books a week), watch Netflix, and surf the Internet.

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