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How to land a plane?
How to defend against a shark, snake or bee swarm?
How to jump from a moving car and stay alive?

Lots of unexpected dangers lurk in the jungle of life, but whether it's on the road, at home or in cyberspace- There is a way to deal with each of them, even the most stressful ones.

Joshua Piven and David Burgnicht, a pair of successful writers and screenwriters, turned to experts from every field imaginable - from epidemiologists and pilots to cyber researchers and zoologists - and asked them for solutions to the most dangerous situations humans might encounter: an alligator that leaps out of nowhere in the middle of a calm river cruise, a
friend who invited us to a sword fight and worst of all - a baby who starts screaming in the seat behind us on the plane.

The result is "in the worst case" - an informative, effective and laugh-out-loud guide, which is not only intended for people who will come across an anaconda, but for everyone trying to navigate their way through life.

The previous edition of the book, which came out almost half a year ago, became a huge hit all over the world. Now, Piven and Burgnicht present a new and updated version, adapted in part to the age of social networks and fake news - and all the troubles that came with it. Yes, including the inevitable moment when your phone falls into the toilet

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