By Yuval Steinitz (Author)

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The author wrote the Invitation to Philosophy as dialogues on selected topics of philosophical thought to give the book an alertness and freshness - and in this task he was very successful." Prof. Yeshayahu Leibovitz
Socrates: I asked you, Lachs, what free will is - and your answer was that will is like it when it aspires, and aspiration is like it as desire. And how will I learn from here
what desire is?
Lax: I didn't mean to tease you, Socrates, and I'm afraid that if I keep trying to answer your question, I'll make a fool of myself. Therefore, maybe spare me, and all of us, and tell us what you think about the will?
SOCRATES: I want many things, but, when I think logically about these sensations, I think they are similar to the imaginations of the night. Like the people I saw in the dream, I also have a feeling of "free will", which makes me believe in its existence.
On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the serious—and entertaining—introduction, which managed to break down the barrier of readers' fear of philosophy, became a bestseller and was published in about 70 editions, and on the occasion of the author's return to academia after more than twenty years in politics, you are invited to a new and expanded edition of the invitation to philosophy
"You have nothing in the world more interesting than philosophy, and proof that any field becomes 'really interesting' only when it starts to touch on philosophical questions. I had the desire to compose the book when I was an undergraduate student, and for 35 years, many accepted the invitation with great enthusiasm. Now I invite you to join as well."
Dr. Yuval Steinitz

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