By Dan Arieli (Author)

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Irrational but not terrible / Ariely Dan Why might fat bonuses actually harm the performance of senior managers? Who will we donate more to - one girl in need or many survivors of an earthquake? What motivates us to waste time and money, and even take a risk, just to take revenge on someone, and is it worth it? Why is the chance of finding a suitable partner on dating sites very low? Why is there a huge difference between what we think makes us happy and what really makes us happy? After revealing to us the hidden forces that make us make unwise decisions and repeat the same mistakes over and over again, behavioral economist Dan Arieli reassures us - we are not rational, but that's not bad. Our ability to judge may be influenced by expectations, emotions and social norms, but this also has many benefits in everyday life - both at work and at home. Sometimes our irrational tendencies are actually a blessing, because they help us, for example, adapt to a new environment, trust people and even love our children. Through surprising research, a host of original experiments and interesting personal stories, Ariely discovers what Lego games teach about enjoyment in the workplace, how it is that confusing assembly instructions actually help, what is better - a short, interrupted massage or a long, continuous massage, and what can be concluded from canoe delivery about our love lives . Irrational But Not Terrible is an enriching, delightful and waiting book, steeped in self-humor, that explains how to use our biased thinking patterns to our advantage and improve the way we work, create and manage our lives. Dan Arieli is a professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University and also teaches at the School of Management, the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and the School of Medicine there, as well as at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. He has a BA in Psychology from Tel Aviv University, a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from the University of North Carolina and a PhD in Business Administration from Duke University. Dan Arieli's research has been published in important academic journals and the popular press, including in the "New York Times", "Washington Post", "Wall Street Journal", "Boston Globe", "Scientific American" and "Science". He appears on the CNN and CNBC television networks, is a regular columnist in "Calcalist" and in 2010 presented a series of lectures on decision-making at the university broadcast on the IDF. Divides his time between North Carolina, Israel and the rest of the world. Dan Arieli's previous book, no Rational and not by chance, has been translated into 30 languages ??and sold more than a million copies. Irrational but not terrible appeared on the New York Times bestseller list and has been translated into 16 languages ??so far.

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