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In the morning, Hayley Brown finds her parents lying lifeless on the floor. But what she believes is an unsolved murder mystery is classified by the police as domestic violence, which escalated to the extreme act. Her father's name is blackened forever and from a privileged elite family in Washington, D.C., her small family becomes another article that stirs up Washington with screaming headlines in the newspapers, and then is forgotten. Hayley, refusing to put up with the police's firm assertion, launches her own investigation to unravel the mystery. As new information comes to light, Haley is forced to uncover secrets from the past that should have stayed in the past. Jade Sterling, a senior investigator with the Washington Police Department, was the officer who led the investigation and signed off on its conclusion, thereby dashing Haley's hopes of finding her parents' killer. Not even the strong attraction he felt towards Haley convinced him to reconsider the findings of the investigation. Jade by bestselling author Sandra Hebe is a breathtaking suspense novel about a secret society, shocking secrets and a surprising bond between the protagonists of the book, a bond that will lead them on a dizzying journey where they will have to decide whether the past should be left far behind or whether they should set it free to win the future shared. Additional books by the writer - the series Do that... Do that I remember, Do that I forget and Do that I forgive. The duet Until You Arrived and Before You Go and the book Faith. All the books reached the status of bestsellers and were very successful.

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