By Rahav Meir Sivan (Author)

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Sometimes it seems to me that the Torah is the least talked about topic in Israel. We talk all the time around. By. Not on the thing itself. We argue here about budgets and parties, about sectors and genders, about demonstrations and scandals, but do not touch the heart of the matter. Rabbis will go on the air just to explain some statement. Politicians will be asked to talk about Judaism only because of some controversial law. The general public is mainly asked to be angry, to condemn, to be shocked. This compressed soundtrack moves from storm to storm, headline to headline, but doesn't begin to scratch what's really hidden here. That's why I started writing about the Parsha of the Week, about our pulse for thousands of years. It is read on Saturday morning in the synagogue, but it gives meaning and inspiration to the whole week. This book is a modest attempt to bring the affair into our discourse. To connect it here and now, to add to the list of speakers we hear all the time also our commentary from all generations. Hear what Parsha has to say about money and relationships, education and jealousy, publicity and anger. When diving into this treasure of wisdom, it is difficult to understand how the Torah separates us instead of uniting us (from the introduction) The Jewish Status is a book with a selection of short passages, which together encompass all of the parshas of the week.

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