By Stav Avraham (Author)

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A strong wind of compassion blows out of the noise of all the sources. Compassion for the animals whose blood was allowed, and compassion for the humans who are forced to shed it. Even if it is possible to find a wide variety of practical decisions, the path to them passes through shared value landmarks: since life is all the work of the Almighty's hands; Since man, he and only he, is made in the image of God; And the repeated description of God himself as one whose mercy is over all his deeds." (from the introduction) Why was eating meat prohibited for the first Adam? Does Judaism encourage vegetarianism? And does a vegan have to put an arm and an egg in the Seder night bowl? Jewish vegetarianism presents for the first time to the Hebrew reader the The issue of the attitude towards eating animals in Israeli thought and Jewish law, on all its aspects. The book is the result of extensive research work, and interweaves hundreds of sources, from ancient times to the present day, that illuminate the vegetarian idea in a new light. It is written in clear and fluid language and is intended for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, From all sectors, those who wish to meet with the Jewish vision of vegetarianism. Rabbi Avraham Stav is the author of halacha and non-fiction books and teaches in Torah institutions. He holds a PhD in Israeli thought and is a cultural critic for the newspaper "Mokor Rishon". He is married to a veteran vegetarian and raises five children with her: a fish-eating vegetarian, A traditional "vegetarian", an avowed carnivore and two undecideds. Jewish Vegetarianism is his fifth book. - "A comprehensive, near-perfect repository of the elements that grow veganism and vegetarianism within the world of Judaism" (Rabbi Yuval Sharlo)

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