By Abramovich Yuval (Author)

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Think twice before giving a LIKE... at the age of thirty-eight, and after too many years of singleness and failed dates , Eli Harush finds herself at a significant crossroads. She has to decide whether to start an alternative family or shelve the dream of a house and children and dedicate herself to a thriving career Her as "Lady Lake" - the queen of the Israeli network. Her best friend, who is also the most successful coach on television, offers her the challenge " Husband Project": "If you go on one date every week, statistically, after a year, you will find a husband," he announces With great reluctance and suspicion Ellie is dragged into the game and sets out on a last romantic try before making the fateful decision. Contrary to her expectations, she meets several worthy men as part of the "Husband Project", and for a moment it seems like it was a bad idea Bad, until a madman emerges from the depths of the web, her natural space, reluctantly drags her into a dangerous adventure which is not virtual at all. Ellie is forced to put aside her modest ambitions to find love, to find out who the person is behind the profile terrorizing the Israeli brass in general and her in particular.Lady Lake is an up-to-date and fast-paced suspense novel . Yuval Abramovich weaves in his refined style a gripping suspense plot with insights and thoughts about the technological and virtual reality that has taken over our life

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