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Don't make the mistake of thinking that leaders are people who are different from the rest of us. They are not... What
distinguishes a leader from any other person, is not status, office, or position, but
attitude. While others wait for something to happen, leaders make things
happen. While others mourn the darkness, leaders turn on the

Was Noah a leader in his generation? Why does Abraham's mission begin with abandoning
everything he knew and knew? What made Joseph the powerful ruler of Egypt? Who
were the great leaders of the people of Israel? And how was Moses able to take a tribe of
slaves and turn it into a kingdom of priests and a holy nation?

In this book, Rabbi Zaks dives into the parshiyot of the week in order to bring out insights
regarding power, authority and leadership. Based on the understanding that no one is born
a leader, the book explores the principles, challenges and dangers of doing so.

Lessons in Leadership reveals how the Torah's secrets regarding leadership
and influence are as relevant today as they were three thousand years ago,
and he does so in a profound, eloquent and inspiring manner.

Rabbi Lord Yonatan Sachs ztzel (1948-2020), the
former Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, was recognized throughout the world thanks to his dozens of books and articles, which
gave him the status of a thinker and spiritual leader who voices the voice of Judaism
in the discourse the world

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