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The book Letters to Talia fully and authentically documents the wonderful correspondence of the late Dov Idig, forever a Seder yeshiva, with Talia, a girl from a secular kibbutz in the north of Israel. The two corresponded for about two years until Dov's death in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. of Dov and the search for him after the war is described in detail by the author Haim Sabtu in his book Tayom Kwonot. In the movie Coordination of Intentions, which is based on his grandmother's book, a bear appears in the character of David. An amazing literary treasure, discovered only thirty years after the war, brings to light the rich cultural world of a yeshiva son and a kibbutz daughter, who manage to create a discourse that has understanding, sympathy and even buds of love. Distant worlds meet in a meaningful and exciting dialogue, which reveals how much there is in common along with the deep controversy. A fascinating human and cultural document, unparalleled in Israeli literature, and which carries with it hope for a serious dialogue between religious and secular people in the divided Israeli society. The writings were edited by Dr. Hagai Ben Artzi, Dov's classmate at the "Kerem Biyavna" yeshiva. The letters are presented in the book in their full and original format with the addition of brief clarification and background notes by the editor. May there be a continuation of the interrupted correspondence between Dov and Talia in the form of deepening the dialogue and understanding between the worlds the various ones within the Jewish people nowadays.

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