By Yehudit Tzpouri (Author)

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Someone turned off the light in my life, and I'm not sure it can be turned back on. Today I am a cold, emotionless, somewhat hollow person. Revenge drives me forward, because the day will come and I will take revenge! Mikis Dantes, the eldest son of the most powerful mafia family in Athens, grew up in the shadow of the cruel and rigid patriarch. All his life he was trained to be the heir, but an assassination attempt on his life and the life of his new wife, left him alone and led him to become the right hand of the new "King of the Night", his younger brother Antonis. Dr. Sofia Galani runs a clinic for the underprivileged in her home and is known by the residents as "the angel in white". As a gifted child she lived happily with her parents and little brother, but the sudden death of her father left her family shattered and threatened by cruel people. A random meeting between the two leads them to a relationship Full of vicissitudes. They are swept into a vortex of dangerous and passionate games and refuse to admit the crazy attraction between them, especially under the constant threat in which they are kept. This is a story about loyalty, about family, about love and trying to connect the lines that lead the lives of the beloved characters from the Greek mafia family." "Parallel Lines", the tenth book by Judith Tzpouri, is a sequel to "Red Lines" and "Broken Lines", dizzying crime novels, which were read with bated breath and swept away thousands of readers. Among her previous books, which were also a resounding success: The Strings of My Heart, The Stones of the Road and The Garden of the Sun.

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