By Bashevis Singer Yitzhak (Author)

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Yiddish is my native language, and Mom never dies. Thus, American Jewish writer Yitzhak Bashavis-Singer stated in a speech at the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1978. Bashavis-Singer insisted on continuing his mother's male as a significant part of his family name, which appears in the title of most of his works. The hero of the story is a small letter to Mom is unable to sing the Shlur that everyone is humming around, because the words repeated in the refrain - "Don't be late to write a small letter to Mom" ??- remind him that he has not written a word to his mother since leaving his home in Eastern Europe and leaving her behind. He knows that "you have to be crazy or killer to abandon a widow mother and not even write a word." This book includes two short stories from Bashavis-Singer's best. Both were published in New York, in the 1960s. "A small letter to Mom" ??has never been translated into Hebrew so far and this is a premiere appearance. Each of these stories presents its own way of dealing with problems that accompanied people who emigrated from one life to a different reality, those who have disconnected from their roots and have to find out all their lives the meaning of inter-generational relationships. On the side of the two stories concerned are two songs, which grow out of the same questions. It seems that even about a century after written in a language that is discussed to die, they will find readings and readers of our time. The translation and exposure of the forgotten story performed with love Dr. Belha Rubinstein, the daughter -in -law excellent in literary translation of the Ministry of Culture and a life -long enterprise of the National Yiddish culture.

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