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Andrey I first saw her when we were called to a burning apartment and rescued her best friend. While Ben, my best friend, had a sickening crush on Sol, her best friend, I didn't stop pestering Koka. She is completely crazy, prickly and insanely annoying, and most of the time I feel a strong need to strangle her, but from the moment I laid eyes on her, she became a part of me. Every cell in my body is wired to her, and yes, I know what a 'wired' is, so don't roll your eyes. I'm crazy about this woman, and what do you know, I'm almost sure she can't live without me either, and maybe she can? Coca is a fireman, sorry, a firefighter. He is a nervous Russian, he has the finesse of a chainsaw and the temper of a volcano when it erupts. But it's all mine and I wouldn't trade it for anyone else. Even if he won't admit it, I know he's carrying a heavy burden from his past, a burden buried deep in his heart, and it's clear to me that if I want access to his huge heart, I'll have to pick the lock and dismantle that burden. And what if I can't do it? Ash Chaya is a contemporary novel that combines romantic comedy with an exciting and captivating story, proving that 'happily ever after' is only the beginning... More books by the author Ann Rose, Blue Sky, Signs in the Tree and Rain Storm, were also published by Diamond Publishing, starred in Rabi's Lists The seller was very successful.

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