By Rotner Liat (Author)

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When Kfir was sent for a mysterious experimental examination in the laboratory because of attention and behavior problems, he does not think that his life is about to change ... The machines that scan his mind start to beep, scientists are frightened, but don't discover the reason - and then he discovers that he is following him ... A crazy and dizzying journey following children like him, and in an attempt to find out what the secret is hiding scientists, Kfir becomes a cat and finds out that he is one of the rare human beings who also have an animal soul. While searching the way to change back to man, before he is caught, he is at the heart of a mystery and the secret world of animals in his city. Another fantasy thriller and adventure for teens by the bestseller writer, Liat Rutner, author of the Miko Bell, "Benson High School", "As a Creator" and many more. This book as its predecessors also touches and expresses the hearts of adolescent children in their journey to discover their inner abilities, self -expression, and corporate relationships. Liat Rutner is a writer and lecturer, writing off and developing the "writer voice" method that combines creative writing with therapeutic NLP and guided imagination. Behind her are 22 books of 7 of them 7 gold and platinum books. Additions lectures and workshops across the country.

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