By Alon Narcissus (Author)

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At the age of 27, I was selected to appear in the list of the 30 most promising young people of "Forbes" in Israel. I looked at my picture in that article, at the smile on my lips, at the jeans I was wearing, at the arrangement of my hair, at what they wrote that I was doing, and I felt light years away from this character. I was presented as a young woman who fulfilled herself, and guides other women to fulfill themselves as well, when in practice I do not enjoy my work, I neglect my friends and family and worst of all - I do not have a sex life with my husband, pleasure is not part of my life and I am tired most of the time. I realized that I was living a lie, and then I decided to end it. The book "Asha Chaya" is an honest and rare testimony in the first person for women researchers and curious men. A woman in her twenties embarks on a journey to discover her sexuality, and learns how the journey towards pleasure affects her career, her approach to money and all her relationships. Narcis Alon participates in sexual workshops around the world, leads entrepreneurial workshops, marries the love of her heart, goes through an Iwaska ceremony, gives birth to a baby, speaks at the United Nations, researches and establishes the relationship between fulfillment and pleasure. By adopting the booklet that accompanies the book, readers are invited to embark on a personal journey to discover sexuality, The awakening of the body and the expression of the creation that wants to emerge from them. Narkis Alon is a social entrepreneur, content creator and facilitator. She leads workshops on female leadership and body-mind connection in business organizations and academic institutions in Israel and around the world. She creates and hosts the podcast "Playing with Fire" on healthy sexuality, and manages a community On Facebook, there are thousands of men and women who share on issues such as relational systems, sexuality and gender. She is a co-founder of "W" - an international leadership community that encourages women to lead social and business initiatives with community support. She was chosen by Mossaf Calcalist as one of the leading social leaders in Israel and by the American Real Leaders magazine as one of the hundred most visionary leaders in the world.

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