By Stubborn Iris Kleinman (Author)

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The book tells nine fascinating life stories of people in their 80s, 90s, 100s - women and men who were born in the four corners of the world, went through life's journey at the same time as significant historical events and recorded impressive achievements. The protagonists of the book are creators, academics, educators, and pen, along with men of valor and action: from someone who studied six academic degrees for many years after retiring from work to a social worker, who established magnificent institutions for the benefit of the elderly, at the same time as establishing a glorious family clan. The characters are drawn by a loving hand and expressed in a rich and fluid language. Along with the stories of the people themselves, various issues arising from the stories are presented, with the author bringing extensive and in-depth professional knowledge from the field of psychology of old age and old age. Among others, topics such as: psychological development throughout the life span, interpersonal and family relationships, dealing with losses, creativity and wisdom in old age are discussed. The selfless Iris Kleinman is a clinical psychologist - hypnotherapist, and a lecturer in the psychology of the second half of life and aging. She runs a private clinic, along with training therapists in the public and private sector. In addition, she conducts workshops in a variety of areas such as - improving memory, mind body and retirement preparation. As part of her work as a clinical psychologist, she responds to patients of a wide age range, from teenagers to the very old. "This book is a fascinating collection of life stories. The explanations accompanying the rich life stories allow readers to learn about optimal psychological coping with the challenges of aging, and to meet the young, ageless self behind the "mask of old age." The psychological explanations, in a combination of literary texts and personal observation The empathetic and in-depth work of clinical psychologist Iris Kleinman Ezani is an important contribution to the psychological bookshelf in Israel." Dr. Liora Bar-Tor, clinical psychologist, senior lecturer in the MA program in clinical psychology of adulthood and old age.

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