By Svetitzky Eilat (Author)

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Alona: No one could have imagined or predicted this. A global outbreak of a mysterious virus has changed the face of reality as we know it, I've lost my job, and I'm locked in the apartment all day. What am I supposed to do with myself in this situation? And why the hell does my partner have to be so annoying and hot? Yanai: I am not a hysterical person. I don't understand why everyone is making a big deal out of this virus that they claim is out there, and I especially don't understand why my partner is losing it. She must calm down, and I know exactly how to help her... Love and Chaos began as a short story in sequels written for the Facebook group "The Calm After the Storm", where thousands of readers of Eilat Savitsky are members. In light of the success and demand, Eilat decided to expand the story, and now it sees the light of day in its entirety in a printed edition. Eilat Savitsky, author of the best-selling series "Lace and Color", lives in Kibbutz Yagur with her husband and their three children. Her books sold tens of thousands of copies and were a great success.

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