By Shinkman Roni (Author)

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“On the most beautiful mountain I've seen, in front of San Pedro Lake in Guatemala, he broke into Ronnie. She was sitting in the lake, and I could see that for the first time in her life she just didn't know what to do. ” Of Ronnie Shinkman, a young woman in the 1920s, received a turn after experiencing a dramatic breakup. She started writing her heart, and sharing her friends on Facebook and her blog readers on the blog site "What it is." The blog soon gained momentum, and more and more readers were able to find themselves between the lines and identify with The written words in secondary secondary, especially revealing heart and great sensitivity. In her stories, Ronnie poses a look at her and the readers, who reflects reality that is not always easy to admit and deal With her, and yet - radiation from strength, power and optimism. Ronnie Shinkman, born in 1992, Holon, student For a bachelor's degree in political science and literature at Tel Aviv University, she began her career as a youth reporter in "Maariv for Youth" . At the same time, a popular blog posted on the 4Girls website. "Love Between the drops" is her firstborn book, which brings together the best posts published on the network alongside stories seeing Here is light for the first time.

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