By Sheila Sarah (Author)

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A couple in mid-life, who own a laundry in a small town in the center of the country, recreate the events that led to a major break in the family's life. A trauma at the heart of their love story is the background radiation of this extraordinary novel, whose plot unfolds like a slowly unfolding mystery. Far from the rigid and well-known realism, he has a wonderful world of objects, and they have feelings, thoughts and voices. The characteristic of this world is an event, doubt-ritual-doubt-judgment, called "The Day of the Return of Existences", in which the objects of the house come together to restore the existence of the one who was absent. Between the couple as well as between the belongings, a lively, loud and heart-wrenching debate arises on the question "when and where did what happened happen". In a chamber piece full of imagination and in which parenthood is in crisis, there is a restless and peaceful search for form, for sexuality, which gives rise to shock, anger and guilt, "madness in two" and also recovery. This is the story of a house, in every sense of the word. Shiloh Shiloh, winner of the Sapir Award for 2007, won the hearts of readers and critics when her book Shum Gadim Lai Bovao (Am Oved) was published, which was adapted for a single presentation and translated into seven languages. This is her second book, A bold and brave book.

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