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``Many of us feel that hard work is necessary to uproot old thought patterns inherent in us. I do not believe that making internal changes should be ``work'', nor that the process should be difficult or painful. I believe that this can be an adventure.''
With these words opens the new and inspiring book by Louise Hay, spiritual guide and metaphysics teacher of the same name.
Louise Hay invites readers to join her on a fascinating journey of self-discovery, which includes practical customer advice from the author's rich experience. She guides us on how to live a happier and more fulfilling life, and how to heal our lives, through the use of simple techniques of positive thinking, self-love and reconciliation with the past.
The book ``Love Yourself, Heal Your Life'' deals with a wide variety of areas that touch every person's life: relationships, health, sexuality, love and intimacy, career and financial success. In addition, it includes special chapters dealing with healing fears and phobias, detoxing from addictions and restoring failed relationships.
``Every time I read Louise Hay's books I always feel the same warm feeling - that a loving parent is taking care of me and taking care of me. In her unique style, Louise Hay is back and guides us to the healing path of self-discovery, and teaches us how to be loving parents to ourselves.''
Susan Jeffers Ph. d.
From ``Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway'' notebook

Louise L. Hay is a well-known lecturer in the field of metaphysics, who has helped many people discover their personal potential and use it for the purpose of personal development and self-healing. Her books have been translated into more than twenty languages ??worldwide.

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