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Add Henry James, Edith Wharton and Thomas Mann... an intelligent and exciting novel" - The New York Times
is nominated for the book of the year for 2022 by "The New Yorker", "Vogue", Esquire, TIME and more.
New York at the beginning of the twentieth century. Their lives are temptingThe stories of two young men soar and turn into a bright and dark legend at the same time, against the background of the financial world full of intrigue.
But what are the real shadows in their lives? Which of the four versions of their lives is the correct one? Which of the four numbers is faithful to reality and the truth? And is such a truth even possible?
Hernan Diaz weaves and shapes a wide-ranging story that spans over a century. In spectacular prose and a brilliant structure, he challenges the reader to try to distinguish between fact and fiction, to observe the way in which history was written, rewritten and distorted by those in power and to understand how women were excluded from it.
As a compelling story and a brilliant literary puzzle, Amanam urges us to trace the deceptions that lie at the heart of personal relationships and the corrupting power of capital and the ease with which economic power can bend the facts as it pleases.

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