Is Allowed

Is Allowed

By Yael Mashali (Author)

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Just before she enters the shower, the luxury heroine publishes a post on Facebook. And this is how she writes: Come on, divorcees, talk to me. I'm sinking I need to hear how other people deal with all this. write to me we will meet. I need air. floats proportions. Lifebuoys. stories. Not of divorcees who got a great divorce. Not of happy divorcees. Not that they themselves initiated the separation. Not young women with the whole future ahead of them. Not in love in a second relationship. Not giddy from midlife freedom. Not that everyone does holidays together because they remain a family. I support you from the bottom of my heart and envy you from the roots of my hair to the tips of my toes, but now I only need broken, crushed and miserable with a clear preference for girls my age. If you are here, you know what I mean. When she gets out of the shower, thousands of likes await her and hundreds of women who want to tell her their story. She chooses seven, listens to the story of each of them and tells her own story through hints and sentence fragments. Yael Mashali was there and survived to think and write about it as only she knows how to write. She doesn't make assumptions and doesn't look for the lesson and where the mistake is and what can be learned from all this. She sends her heroine, Ariela, to listen with an open heart to the women who contacted her on Facebook and not to judge them, not to educate them, and not to tell them that everything is for the best. Oh, and at the end of the book there is also one monologue by a man. These very personal stories are the stories of all of us, the women and the men, the married and the divorced, the married and the divorced. These are texts about love and pain and passion and fatigue and lies and truth, and they are brilliant and free of all manipulation and romantic embellishments. Mutrut is the sixth novel by Yael Mashali, best-selling author, winner of the Yisrael Prize for Hebrew Literature (2006). It was preceded by Crete, Shasani As He Willed, A Woman To Her Sister, Just A Seemingly Summer Morning, A Complete Building, Entrances A-H and children's books. Yael Mashali, 1960, mother of seven and grandmother of the evil eye tap tap tap tap...

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Is Allowed| Hebrew

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