By Pilsbury Makel (Author)

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The lesson from the ancient story is a well -known Mimra in China: 'Never ask what the weight of the emperor is.' That is, don't let the enemy know that you are a weighing rival, until you can be too strong that you can stop what to happen to a person to conclude that his occupation and his life's work, for decades, is an error? How much courage should have a senior role to admit that he and his colleagues were subject to fraud, causing their country's heads to be convinced of the good will of a hostile tyrannical state, and make it, with their own hands, the approaching power of the world's strongest power? Michael Pilsbury understood later - but early from others - that was how he happened to him. Over decades, the leadership of the American approach to China was. But the information he has accumulated from agents and deserters, and an unprocessed examination of Chinese senior officials, made him very concerned. He realized that the Chinese government in the Chinese government is not a marginal stream as they are presented, but the policymakers; In fact, China sees international relations in its ancient wise lenses, from the days of the warrior 'era; And she finishes to move forward in the camouflage and anesthesia in preparation for takeover of international hegemony with a hundred years of the Communist revolution. This is a hundred years marathon. * What is the principle of the 'Shi' that, according to the Chinese leadership, is aimed at its moves? * How did China transmit the United States to build it as a technological and military power? * Is the systematic theft of intellectual property just a transient stage in China? * What will a single-self-leading world look like, and how can the USA prevent it? Michael Fillesbari, born in 1945, is the director of the Chinese Strategy Center at the Hudson Institute. He served all the US government, from the Nixon government that established the relationship with China to the Obama administration who declared the "Asian Turk", in research, counseling and work. He was a member of the American intelligence community, the Ministry of Defense and Senate, where he concentrated and committees dealing with the US-China relationship.

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