By Jiu Sarah (Author)

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A love story full of past mysteries and a host of wonderful surprises, Judy Pico who would have thought that this is what Emily's life would look like. Not so long ago she was on top of the world: the book she wrote became a bestseller, the man she married made her happy, the contract for the next book was already in her hands. and now what? Now a decorated envelope is waiting for her in the mailbox. From: Joel, her husband. I mean, another moment of her divorce. He is getting married again. And more with the woman for whom he left her. This is not the only envelope in the mailbox. There is also a postcard from her aunt, Bee. not surprising. She always had a special talent for knowing everything before everyone else. It seems that the story of Emily's divorce has reached her, and indeed - Bee invites Emily to spend a month at her home, on a small and beautiful island off the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Emily welcomes the invitation. She hopes that the great sea can soothe and heal her broken heart. At Bea's house, a surprise awaits her: a red velvet diary written in 1943. When Emily reads it, there will be no going back. Change will come. He must come. "The Violets of March" by Sara Gio (author of the bestseller "All the Flowers in Paris") is a novel full of warmth and tenderness, which - like the sea - offers comfort and hope, and will speak to the heart of anyone who has ever lost love, and anyone who has found it again .

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