By Yitzchak Mandelbaum (Author)

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Married life is a multidimensional challenge of peace, love, partnership in decision-making and conflict management, support and mutual growth and more. This task is not easy and her skills are not taken for granted. During his work with spouses, Mandelbaum formulated rules that are the basis for establishing a beneficial marital relationship. The laws were written with the knowledge that we will break them from time to time, but the knowledge of their violation, along with the willingness to abide by them, helps to re-establish the marital system. In this book he explains them, and demonstrates their application. Rabbi Yitzhak Mandelbaum studied clinical psychology at the Hebrew University and behind him twenty-five years of therapy for individuals and couples, the establishment of the Beit Midrash for renewal, workshops and courses for therapists under his guidance and all with a flexible and creative approach, in which he connects the Jewish and mental world together.

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