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What is common to Google founders, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Danone, Comics Company Marvel, Starbucks Network, Esti Lauder and Ralph Lauren? The answer is that all of the world's founders in the world - and everyone of Jewish origin. It turns out that the success of the Jews is phenomenal: although Jews make up only 0.2% of the world's population, they account for 30% of the world's rich and successful people in the world and about 20% of the Nobel Prize. The book Masters seeks to provide an explanation for this unusual phenomenon. He shows how the success of the Jews is the result of a unique culture created on the basis of history and religion of a nation, a culture whose principles are based, among other things, on family and community values, entrepreneurship, agility and perseverance. In a effluent and eye -catching, the successful businessman Topor is the ten most important principles for success in business and life that can be learned from Jewish culture, and their origins. He shows how anyone can apply these principles in his career and life, and why it is so important to preserve them today and in the future. Ohad Topor grew up in Israel and the United States, served in the Intelligence Corps, studied economics at Tel Aviv University and business administration at Stanford University. He is a founder and chairman of an international investment company located in South Korea and England, and is investing in billions of shekels. His experience in the many years in which he lived and worked in the United States, Europe and Asia led him to meet and work with successful people from different cultures, which allows him to distinguish clarity in the differences between cultures and their influence on the business world.

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