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How do you find the best seat on the train? * Why may the results of medical tests be better than they initially seem? * How do you stop the spread of a virus? * And what is the difference between mathematics and genetic testing? Mathematics exists everywhere and almost at every moment in our lives. When we admire a snowflake - we look at mathematics. When we drum our feet to the sounds of a favorite song - we hear mathematics. When we kick a spinning ball into the goal - we do math. And just as in each of these examples there is no visible mathematical equation, neither is there in this book. The Mathematics of Life and Death is not a book for mathematicians, but it is definitely a book for those interested in the mathematical beauty that underlies the phenomena we experience on a daily basis. Keith Yates, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Bath, sails through major historical events and dwells on private cases as well, looking at them all through one prism - how mathematics changed, or could have changed, everything: the entrepreneur who went bankrupt because of a wrong algorithm and the investors who lost everything Their money, the plane that ran out of fuel for computational reasons, innocent victims of miscarriages of justice caused by a lack of mathematical understanding, the dangerous manipulation of statistics. The Mathematics of Life and Death was highly praised upon its publication and was translated into many languages. The writer Ian McEwan wrote about him: "This is an unusually interesting book, and for those who like mathematics a little - it is also a delightful read."

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