By Tami Shem Tov (Author)

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The whole thing with the orange revolution started when I was at the beginning of the third grade. So, even though it was my third year at school, I didn't know how to read and write yet. For hours I would look at the letters and try to copy them, but it didn't work.

I got crooked letters, which did not resemble the correct letters, and did not connect to the words or the sentence. Except for me, all the children in my class already knew how to read and write, so at that time I was a very sad girl.

Even today, when I think about it, my heart hurts, but I immediately remind myself of the Orange Revolution, and remember that in this story only the beginning is sad."

This is the story of Mati Katloni from Tel Aviv who could not read, but she read newspapers. She didn't know how to write, but she wrote to the Prime Minister, and despite all the difficulties she managed to make a revolution, and more oranges
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