By Erwin D. Yalom and Marilyn Yalom (Author)

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How to love and how to live without regret The renowned psychiatrist Irwin Yalom dedicated his professional life to mental counseling for people who suffer from anxiety and grief. But he was never faced with the need to counsel himself until his wife, the acclaimed feminist author Marilyn Yalom, was diagnosed with cancer. In the matter of life and death, Marilyn and Erv share with us the struggles that were imposed on them: Marilyn to die a good death, and Erv to live without her. The alternately given descriptions of their last months together, and of Erev's first months alone, open up a rare glimpse into dealing with the end of life and the loss of a loved one. The Yaloms are blessed with many advantages - a loving family, a house in the shade of a mighty oak tree, a wide circle of friends, masses of readers around the world and a long and satisfying marriage - but they face death like everyone else. With the wisdom of those who think deeply, and with the warmth of childhood sweethearts who grew up and grew old together, they clarify questions of closeness, love and grief. A matter of life and death is a must read for anyone who seeks or will seek support, comfort and a meaningful life. Meaning - for all people. Erwin D. Yalom, professor emeritus of psychiatry at Stanford University, is the author of international bestsellers, including "The Hangman of Love and Other Psychotherapy Stories", "The Gift of Therapy: An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Patients", "Become Me" and "When Nietzsche Cried" . Marilyn Yalom's books include classics of cultural history, including "The History of the Wife - The Status of the Married Woman from Ancient Times to the Present", "The Birth of the Queen in Chess" and "How the French Invented Love", as well as her last book that was published after her death, "Innocent Witnesses" : childhood memories of World War II". They were married sixty-five years.

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