By Dr. Pearin Rousseau Netzer and David Maoz Israel (Author)

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"The search for meaning has stirred the human race since its inception, not as a metaphysical or theological question, but as an existential question - the question of "to what end". But meaning is not a static essence waiting to be found somewhere in the space of ideas, but a living, complex and changing essence. In a sense, she is looking for the person as much as he is looking for her. The ability to respond to the call of meaning involves our awareness to recognize within ourselves what we are called to be or do at any given moment." The question of meaning is particularly relevant today: technological developments that have left man alone in front of the screen, social instability and the corona epidemic have intensified mental distress such as stress, anxiety and depression. In the process, they posed fundamental questions to humanity: What does it mean to live? How do we want to live? Logotherapy seeks to answer exactly these questions. Even more, she wants to ask more questions. The approach is based on Viktor Frankl's teaching ("man seeks meaning") and links psychotherapy with meaning in life. Despite the enormous popularity of Viktor Frankl and his teaching in Israel, and despite the status that logotherapy has gained throughout the world, there is almost no comprehensive and up-to-date literature that presents the approach and its applications in language Hebrew. A person seeking meaning meets this need and opens a door to treatment through meaning for therapists from various disciplines, and also for anyone who asks themselves, "What am I living for?" for logotherapy at Tel Aviv University, and head of the department of education at Ahva Academic College. Dr. Russo-Netzer has published many books and scientific articles in international publications and journals. David Maoz Israel is a medical psychologist and certified clinician in logotherapy. He writes and lectures in the field of psychotherapy, the human spirit and meaning Life.

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