By Magen Mira (Author)

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A destitute alcoholic is led by the police in the dead of night to the doorstep of her sister's house, a woman who seems to have everything. The affluent and successful nurse houses the disobedient in a housing unit in her yard, on the condition that she abstains from alcohol. Later, the disobedient is joined by Iman of the two, who spent years in a mental hospital following a stormy affair she had with God. The two sisters come a long way during the novel. The facade of the successful nurse cracks, and her bourgeois world - seemingly perfect - almost collapses on her. Whereas the disobedient sister, who boasted a cold indifference towards everyone around her, is forced to deal emotionally with a man, with her mother and with her sister's children, which undermines the neutral observer position she adopted for herself. Even in Mira Magen's previous books, all of which received warm reviews and the love of the readership, there was room for unusual characters, but their status was marginal. At the front of the stage, normative characters who were caught in a crisis starred. In Michaela, the creations turned upside down. Mira Magen gives free rein here, for the first time, to a wild character, who does not obey social norms and respects them. The result is a blunt, kicking, frantic and exciting novel. Yigal Schwartz

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