By Rotner Liat (Author)

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What would you do if you were back home one day and discover in the middle of the rhino living room? And if that isn't enough, you find a magical potion store, which runs just under your home floor? This is what happens to the 11-year-old Miko Bell, a completely ordinary boy, who lives with his grandfather. Grandpa is a tantalized man who hardly speaks and hardly refers to Miko, but he has one law: Miko must not open the basement door. But one morning Miko gets confused and takes his lemonade bottle - a bottle with a special magic potion ... From that moment on, a chain of crazy events begins, during which Miko discovers a secret that has been hidden from it all these years: his grandfather manages underground a stand for creatures from all over the world. But now Grandpa is gone, and Miko must take on the store management. The problem begins when Grandpa has enemies who want to take over his potion store, and Miko must overcome them, but also keep his identity secret, until he proves to everyone that he is the chosen potion boy. This is Miko Bell's wonderful story, whose first episodes also appeared in the comic book "Miko Bell-the boy's boy," which became bestselling and elected to the book parade. Apart from being a fantasy story, he is also a story about adolescence and friendship, about courage and self -discovery, about choosing a good and evil. Like Liat Rutner's previous library, which have been praised, it is also a sweeping world full of imagination, in a praise and writing full of emotion and humor. Liat Rutner is a writer, lecturer, newspaper editor and youth and adult workshops, behind her 21 books, including four 'Gold Books' and two 'Platinum Books'. She began writing books at the age of eight, and being a middle school student alone turned alone. Currently lives in Tel Aviv and conducts lectures and workshops across the country.

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