By Peretz Miriam and Shir Samdar (Author)

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Shirat Miriam / Peretz Miriam and Shirat Smadar Lieutenant Uriel Peretz, a commander in the Golani patrol, dreamed of becoming the first Moroccan Chief of Staff. But his mother Miriam knew that her eldest son would not leave Lebanon safely, and from the day he enlisted she became a woman waiting for good news, a line of disaster. In November 1998, Uriel was injured in an explosion Explosive charges planted by Hezbollah members for IDF soldiers. He was 22 years old when he died. Miriam translated the pain of her son's death into educational and volunteer activities, and began to wander between schools and military bases, telling about her son's vision of leadership, who wrote: "With the set of thorns and plants that entered my body, you can set up a flowerbed of one meter by one meter, but these are not just thorns , these are the thorns of the Land of Israel, and those who live in this land should know how to accept their thorns with love." But unfortunately, in March 2010, Miriam had to face another test: her second son, Major Eliraz Peretz, was killed in a heavy fire incident in the Gaza Strip, almost twelve years after he eulogized his elder brother with the words: "On the right path sometimes you pay a price. The price of life. " Eliraz, 32 years old when he died, left behind a wife and four children, including a baby girl who was two months old at the time. The mother who lost her two sons as well as her husband, whose heart could not stand the fall of her eldest son, overnight became a symbol of bereavement and strength. In December 2010, when he presented her with a certificate of appreciation, Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said: "Miriam's ability to continue to express the great pain, and to channel it into a contribution to the education and design of the future generation, is a model and an exciting model of inspiration for all of us." Miriam Peretz, born in Casablanca, grew up Moving to Hatzers in Be'er Sheva, she studied education at Ben Gurion University and followed her husband to Sharm el-Sheikh, raised six children and was a partner in the upbringing of thousands of other children as an educator and as a respected administrator. Samdar Shir outlines the story of her life, which is a story of a mother and homeland, of the love of the land , the love of the people and the country, and of the victory of the spirit and faith.

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