By Harari Yehiel (Author)

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How did a young man with no educational background and management establish a huge educational institution where thousands of students study? How did he develop the revolutionary education system that he successfully implements in his institutions that kept multiplying? How did an ultra-Orthodox from the Mea Shearim neighborhood manage to reach the hearts of people without the discotheques in a northern development town? Why do prisoners find him an inspiration in the rehabilitation process? Why do senior politicians, businessmen, banks and large organizations recruit for his enterprises in the field of education and welfare? A Missionary Life unfolds the inspiring life story of Rabbi Yitzhak David Grossman, his worldview and his activities that earned him many awards. A few years after he arrived at Migdal HaEmek he was awarded the "Love of Israel Award", for his actions to rehabilitate prisoners he was awarded the "Father of Prisoners" award, in 2004 he received the "Israel Award" for life's work and then he was awarded the "Decoration of the President of the State of Israel" A Missionary Life traces the events of the rabbi and his contribution to Israeli society, but it also encourages us, the readers, to adopt a consciousness of mission, a consciousness according to which when a person devotes himself to his mission in the world, he discovers in himself tremendous powers, the whole of reality works in his favor and suddenly doors open to him and he gains clarity on his path. What is there in the life of the mission that grows healing powers for the individual and for society as a whole? Answers to these questions and many others are hidden in the pages of Rabbi Grossman's wonderful life story. Dr. Yehiel Harari is a lecturer and writer. A mission life is his tenth book. His last four books published by Yedioth Books ("The Rebbe's Secret", "Winning Every Moment Again", "The Art of Elevation" and "Hava'a") have won great sympathy among readers.

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